East Coast Skiing and First Powder Day of the Year. . . (unrelated events)

Last week I flew back to Vermont to give my boyfriend a kick in the ass and get him out to Utah. The short trip included a wonderful Pre-Thanksgiving dinner, late nights with friends, lots of packing, and my FIRST East Coast skiing experience. Killington was open and we were antsy to shred. Supposedly the conditions were “the epitome of East Coast skiing”.

This sums up the experience quite nicely

Decked out in male size large ski clothes and rental gear, I was ready to arc some turns.

A little apprehensive


It ended up being an amazing day, leaving me with a new respect for East Coast skiing. Can’t wait to make it back there for a powder day. . . ?

2,300 miles later we rolled into Salt Lake City just in time for opening day at ALTA

And a little of this.

Oh yes, this is why I live in Utah

EPIC skiing on November 21st

Happy to be back playing in the Wasatch. It is teeing up to be an unforgettable season.

Adventure Time!


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