SIA and Utah Powder

Since returning home from Canada I have been a  busy lady. Skiing, yoga, and. . . more skiing have filled most of my days. Toward the end of January I made my way to Denver, CO to work with Orage at SIA (SnowSports Industry America tradeshow). I was lucky to have the opportunity to dive deeper into the industry and learn more about how everything works. The crazy parties and extravagant exhibits weren’t half bad either.

Lexi DuPont kicked some ass and won the bull riding contest at the Blizzard Tecnica booth

The new freemountain line from Tecnica / Blizzard is very exciting. The Flip Core  technology in the new skis has been receiving a lot of attention, keep an eye out for the world’s baddest bulls shredding your home mountain!

The Sun Valley crew enjoying a couple TecBlizz beers

The new line from Orage is super cute, I’m stoked to be ripping around in my new outfits!

The Kaya pro model jacket. Mine is a dark purple color : )

A few days after returning to Utah it snowed a foot, the sun came out, and my smile stretched from ear to ear. I know goggle tans are the steeze, but, sunburns cause cancer SO don’t forget your beyond coastal sun care EVERYDAY.

Snowbird photo of the day. Thanks!

The bright sun and face shots were delightful but I was hungry for some adrenaline. My fix presented itself as a steep, greatly exposed face that is very rarely skied. Lucky for me, the snow was stable and my boyfriend happens to be one of the few that actually skis in this area.

The West Wall of The Devil's Castle. Alta, UT

It felt great to rip down exposure that is so rarely skied. And the fact that I don’t have any pictures of myself skiing the gnar gives me an excuse to get up there and conquer it again! I cant wait. We are headed to Crested Butte tomorrow for the 4th stop of the Freeskiing World Tour.

Road trip!



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