Spring Transitions

My bike is tuned, my hands are calloused and ready to climb, and the plants want to be moved outside. The natural transition into spring is taking place for everything, it seems, except the weather. Alta Resort holds strong with a 200″ base and tonight it will snow two feet of powdery goodness on the Wasatch.

This is my favorite time of year. Anything can happen. And it does.

You come home from a long day of skiing to unexpectedly find freeriders from Idaho and Vermont cooking dinner in your kitchen. Looking for a couch to crash on, of course. Oh yes, it is going to snow this weekend. I see… : )

After a delicious freeride family dinner we decide a nice tour is in order for the following day.

Skittles go up. Argenta. Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Beautiful view from the summit. Creamy spring snow down the West Couloir.

And ooops, no snow on the exit. Lexi sends it onto the bike trail.

Speaking of bike trail, lets go riding. Moab?

Taking a break on the slick rock trail. First ride of the season and maybe 6th? ride of my life, painful but too fun to complain.

Good crew.

“I have the urge to jump”… “Yeah, me too. Maybe we should go base jumping”

That will be in the next adventure…

The sun is strong in the desert. Thank you, Beyond Coastal Sun Care, for keeping my skin burn free and healthy!

A quick shower at the “local” swimming hole.

Margaritas and a beautiful sunset to end the day.

Then…. More biking!

Dylan and Drew on Porcupine Rim.

Extreme slick rock frisbee.

Our last day was spent climbing on Wall Street, which was surprisingly uncrowded and very enjoyable.

 Dylan sending a route.

A sunset yoga session is the perfect way to conclude a good trip.

We returned to winter in the LCC, skied powder, and are currently waiting for the next adventure.

Coming soon.


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