An Alaskan Summer

Another summer of work on the fishing vessel Atlantis. Every fall I question whether or not I can handle another summer, but by the time spring roles around I am craving hard work and another ocean adventure. (I am also quite broke due to a small skiing addiction)

I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to spend my summers on a commercial fishing boat, it is the most amazing occupation I could imagine.

We spent the month of June in Seattle, preparing the boat for a long season of hard work. With a new main engine, flawless net, and sparkly clean 58′ Purse Seiner we headed south to the mouth of the Columbia for 10 days of Sardine fishing.

The highlight of my summer was having both my brother, Axel, and sister, Dylan, working by my side.

Little Dylan and I celebrating the catch, 100,000 lbs of Sardines.

After a successful Sardine season we packed up and headed for South East Alaska. It took us three days to reach Ketchikan, AK where we jumped immediately into Salmon fishing.

Rolling on a bag of jellyfish coated salmon.

The fishing around Ketchikan was alright, but rumors of a record breaking catch drove us North. We made it to Sitka, AK just in time to get a piece of the action. We spent the remainder of the season in the Northern part of South East Alaska.


Bringing in the net.

Fill ‘er up.

Axel with a 30 lb king salmon.

The Maren E, my uncle’s boat, bringing a bag of salmon on board.

Quick nap while towing on the net.

Unloading the fish from our boat onto a Silver Bay Seafood tender.

Down day at Tenakee Springs.

Playing in a salmon congested river bed.

I guess I’m not the only one fishing for salmon. . . Little bit of a sketchy moment with a grizzly.

Whale tail.

A microscopic piece of the Fairweathers. I am in awe of these mountains. New objective?

Adios Alaska. See you next year.

So, is it snowing in Utah yet?

All of the amazing photos by: Axel Peterson


One thought on “An Alaskan Summer

  1. DAAAMMMNN! What a sick way to spend a summer. That King Salmon Axel is holding is huuuuuuge.. and the grizzly encounter..

    Way to kill it Petersons

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