Bailed to Canada: Whistler

We heard a storm was about to hit the west coast so we loaded up and headed to Whistler. It was dumping when we arrived… and was still dumping when we left five days later. One of the most hardcore chicks I know, Nadia Samer, gave us a tour of some great sled/skiing zones. 

The tits deep snow was great for skiing… not so much for sledding. The day turned into a bit of a struggle. I put my sled in a couple tree wells, got stuck multiple times, and exclaimed I was going to “sell the stupid ******* thing” more than once. But, as usual, the turns made everything worth while. (I can blame Dylan for this one)

The stoke level was high, smiles were contagious, and we were drenched to the bone. This state of being basically lasted the entire time we were in the Whistler area. Nadia getting the shot

We were lucky to get a couple days on Whistler/Blackcomb resort. The weather wasn’t as great as the skiing but we had a blast anyway. Thanks Nadia and Crystal Rose Lee for showing us around. Crystal and I working off last night’s beers.

We skied some great lines in perfect snow. Now that we know the area, we will definitely be back.

Canada, it’s been good. Real good. I will miss you dearly.



2 thoughts on “Bailed to Canada: Whistler

  1. Hi, McKenna…
    I’m your mom’s friend from the Cle Elum days…I was at Whistler when you were there…I was watching for your yellow pants/blue coat.. But i secretly knew I’d never see you on the blue runs that I ski. Lol! Glad you enjoyed the mountain…we love it!


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