Sneak Peak: 2013 Blizzard WOMEN’S Freemountain Skis

The camper happened to roll into Mission Ridge, WA at the same time as the WWSRA demo. Sweet. We were given free range to explore the basically empty mountain while testing out many of next year’s skis. It hadn’t snowed at Mission Ridge in awhile, but with a couple quick hikes, it was easy to find some boot top pow. I was really stoked to be able to ski on all of the new Women’s Freemountain skis from Blizzard. And let me tell you… I can not wait to get home and jump on my Dakota’s.

Here is the lowdown: The Dakota, Samba, and Black Pearl

The Black Pearl returns, unchanged, for the 2013 season. With Flipcore Technology and an 88 mm waist, she lays it over on the groomers while not being afraid to venture off piste. A great all mountain ski for the days when the conditions are… well… like they are just about everywhere right now. Hard pack.

The Samba is the sister ski to the Bonafide, with a 98 mm waist and no metal. This ski totally surprised me, the soft flex made it the most nimble and playful ski I have ever been on. I effortlessly moved them from turn to turn on all types of terrain; groomers, frozen chunks, moguls… whatever lay ahead, this ski made it easy. I also discovered, excitingly, that this ski likes to jump. It must be a combination of Flipcore Technology and a soft flex… it had me popping off everything I could find. Finally, my personal favorite and ski of choice for the 2013 season, The Dakota. If you have anything to do with the ski world you have heard of Blizzard’s Cochise (2012 Skiing Magazine Ski of the Year). Well, the Dakota is the women’s version of the Cochise. She comes with 108 mm under foot and in 170 or 177 lengths. Charging, slaying, ripping, sending… whatever your on hill practices consist of, this is your ski.

Stoke level is high for next season.

Join the rodeo.


2 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: 2013 Blizzard WOMEN’S Freemountain Skis

  1. McKenna – Great meeting you in Utah! My wife (Brandi) and I really got a kick out you and your great attitude and personality! We skied Alta on Fri. but didn’t run into you, unfortunately. Hope your shin is getting better. Enjoy the rest of what is left of winter and we’ll be following you on the tour. You made 2 new fans! Get East and ski MRG some time and maybe we’ll run into each other again. We’ll be back to Utah in 14′. Hopefully we will see you then. Kerry and Brandi from PA.

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