Summer Fishing

Three months on a 58′ fishing boat with four other people. Enduring rough weather, long work days, and brutal physical labor. This is how I spent my summer. It paid off in more ways than one, and I reaped the benefits of being thrown into a “figure it out or suffer” kind of situation. The life lessons and moments of self recognition that birthed from my experience are the greatest gifts for which I could have asked. I finally understand what my dad meant when he urged me to come work for him by promising it would better every aspect of my life, “It will even make you a better skier” he would say. And, well, I’m glad I fell for it.


F/V Atlantis


We spent the last half of June and most of July fishing for sardines out of the mouth of the Columbia River. The perilous Columbia River Bar is one of the most dangerous crossings on the planet, we do it twice a day.



Axel opening the back hatches.

Axel opening the back hatches after a day of fishing for sardines


At the end of July we made the seven day trek up to Prince William Sound, Alaska. The fishing was at an all time high and the views were breathtaking. Four weeks of salmon fishing and only a couple days on land, this trip made my whole summer.


Rolling 5,000 lbs of salmon on board




We were surrounded by snow capped mountains and, naturally, icebergs


Although few and far between, we do have down days. We like to follow the “work hard, play harder” philosophy.


Dylan turned our tie-up line into a slack line




Backflips into the harbor



A little whiskey at the hot springs


After another seven day journey across the Gulf of Alaska and down the coast, we jumped straight into Sockeye Salmon fishing in the San Juan Islands. A couple weeks of Sockeye, a couple more weeks of Sardines, and we were DONE.

A summer well spent.