Diamond Fork Hot Springs

I needed a day to rest my bones and relax. Diamond Fork Hot Springs proved to be the perfect place to do so. All it took was a short drive and a two mile hike. The temperature and color of the water varied between pools, making the experience aestheticly pleasing as well as beneficial to my body. Highly recommended.

Ready to get back in the snow!


Tips and Tails

I went on a little hike yesterday out to Wolverine Cirque, an excitingly playful area that I can’t wait to explore this season.┬áIt has warmed up a bit over the last couple days but we were still able to find some good snow. The soft fluffy stuff was nestled in a tight chute, aptly named tips and tails.

View from above

Of course, the hop turn shot

High speed exit

Looking back satisfied. (We skied the smaller chute to lookers right)

Short but sweet!