Road Trippin North

This last month comprised of one serious road trip. From Sun Valley to interior British Colombia, the Sub racked in over 2500 miles.  Wrong turns were made and hardships were endured, but all in all the plentiful faceshots and good company kept the smiles wide.

Our quest began in Sun Valley. It was a gratifying return to the home land. Our days consisted of skiing knee deep fluffy stuff and nights were spent at Whiskeys, where the repetitive “Hi, how are you?” ritual ensued. It was great to catch up with old friends and share some turns with the fam.Axel, Dylan, and I after a wallet burning day at Sun Valley Resort. Yes, we know we look good (compliments of ORAGE outerwear )

Dad and I ripping some totally gnarly sled accessed turns out Baker Creek.

Awwww, the burn. Where no matter how stylish your new gear is, you look like an idiot if you don anything but jet black.

Covered in charcoal and smelling like two- stroke, we left satisfied. Montucky anyone?

Montana, where only a few short years ago it was legal to drive while drinking a beer, happens to be the preferred settling place for my little brother. One day at Bridger Bowl and I was hooked. The awesomely sketchy terrain and pure cold smoke reeled me in. I shall return to provide assistance in the conquering of Hollywood Wall. But for now, we head north.

Welcome to Canada! We pulled into Revelstoke, BC for the #3 stop of the Freeskiing World Tour at exactly the right time. It puked snow on us for 3 days in a row, delaying the competition and giving us the chance to sample the powder. I unfortunately took a  fall on Day 1 of the competition and didn’t get the chance to compete in the finals. 


After the competition we headed south, drove three hours in the wrong direction, explored interior BC at its finest, soaked in hot springs, and searched for snow. The road led us to Salmo Ski Hill. The small hill boasts 12oo vert, a T-bar, night skiing, and freshly dropped pow, all for $15. Made for a ridiculously fun evening. 

After a delicious dinner in the Salmo parking lot, we made the late night drive to Rossland, BC for the Canadian Freeskiing Open. The great skiing that went down on Mt Roberts correlated nicely with the great dancing at the Rafters after party.Family dinner.

We had a couple days of great skiing at Red Mt, and then a couple days of rain. Drenched and worn out, we were ready to throw in the towel and make the long drudge back to Utah.

Good times, eh?